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Congress: America’s biggest day care center

By Kenny Bush 

The last few weeks have been an unsightly mark in the history of American politics. What’s even worse is that most Americans don’t even realize how bad it has gotten in D.C. To the majority, interrupting a country singer’s VMA speech is more of a travesty than interrupting the Presidentt of the United States before congress.
 That’s fine, and I’m going to let them finish watching those YouTube videos, but this is the worst political period of ALL TIME!!
 For some time now, I have theorized that our congress has become nothing more than two groups of irritable children bickering over what game to play and how to play it. Recent events have done little to disprove this theory. In one corner, you have South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson who, in a lapse of sense, screamed “you lie!” at President Obama when he mentioned that illegal immigrants would not receive free health care under his plan. In the other corner, you have the democrats wasting a whole lot of time trying to force several apologies from Wilson, while also making his outburst seem

on par with John Wilkes Booth interrupting President Lincoln’s night at the theatre. It’s clubhouse politics at its ugliest, however, it doesn’t end with congress.
 If the recent scenes in D.C. seem oddly familiar to you, it’s because you have probably seen similar arguments on campus. VSU is no stranger to two opposing sides yelling back-and-forth at each other, all the while burying one ignored rebuttal on top of another. Eventually, these debates become a contest of who is better prepared, but that really doesn’t prove much of anything now does it? Also, no one ever admits that their party could be wrong in some aspect, minor or otherwise. It’s all so pointless, tedious, and a waste of our precious oxygen.
 Now I know it’s just in human nature to prove others wrong, so I’m not going to even try to ask you to go against that instinct. However, we don’t have to be on opposite sides of the board. Everyone wants what is best for the country; there are just different ideas of how to go about it. Next time you find yourself in the midst of a political discussion, why not talk about what is best for America rather than which party is more closely  related to Hitler.
 Deep down, we’re all on the same team. The next series of tea parties should be filled with citizens demanding that congress leave the immature bickering and radical statements to the people who can afford to waste ten minutes of their time without wasting millions of tax dollars.
 Noncompliance should lead to an old fashioned tar-and-feathering, because we should really be going the whole nine yards when it comes to civil protest.

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