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People Poll: Which Do You Prefer… Vampires or Zombies?

Brittany Dove
Freshmen Public Relations major

“Zombies, because vampires are over-rated.”
James Earp
Junior Mass Media major

“Zombies because they freaking kick butt and I would rather be eaten where my body is going to something useful than drained.”


       Aerolyn Shaw
Sophomore Public Relations major

“Vampires, because they are more romantisized than zombies, and they are able to have good qualities.”


   Jazmin Jackson

“Vampires because they are hotter and zombies just look dead. Vampires decieve you by looking all scrumptious.”


         Derrick Walker
Junior Nursing major

“ I prefer vampires over zombies
 because zombies are boring. There has
been a lot of great vampire movies over
 the years, and not so many good zombie
 movies. The ‘Twilight’ series has made
 vampires popular again.”

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