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People Poll: How much drinking is too much?

Jake Jones
Sophomore Poli. Sci. major

“My friend, who doesn’t drink takes my keys away from me when I’ve had enough.”

Chelsey Griffin
Senior Biology major

“Me personally, I know when I’ve had enough when I start doing cartwheels and hand stands.”
Aftab Fazal
Freshman chemistry major

“When my friends start getting rowdy and out of control, then it’s time to pull the drinks away.”

Katie Waites
Junior middle grades ed. major

“When I’ve had about five drinks and maybe a couple shots at the bar and I start spinning.”

Levi McKinney
Junior English major
“It’s kind of hard to know when it’s too much, but I try to gage myself. Sometimes you overdo it on accident, but it just takes time. Try to pace yourself.”

Miracle Middlebrooks
Freshman Biology major

“You know when you’ve had enough, because you get real tipsy. You start falling over, then your eyesight gets blurry, and you just can’t stand up!”

Christina Blackley
Senior Geo. Science major

“One of my tell-tale signs is that I start to speak in an English accent.”

Ethan Rogers
Freshman Mass Media major

“Well, I don’t drink, but once you start making stupid decisions than I think you’ve had enough.”

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