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Flasher in fine arts

A handful of VSU students got a bit of a shock last Monday night.

According to a VSU police incident report, some students were working late on the ceramics patio when some noticed someone hiding on the patio of the painting studio.

The incident report says, “Victim stated she saw a male drop his pants and expose himself to her before leaving the scene.”

No one suffered any physical harm, but the creeper’s indecent gestures did cause a bit of an alarm.

Although a camera sits directly across the parking lot from where the situation occurred, no word has been given in regards to the creeper’s identification or capture.

In cases involving sexual crimes, the VSUPD is required to audit the victim’s personal information on the incident report.

For that reason, the names of the students involved in this case are unable to be disclosed by virtue of their confidentiality.

Corporal Matthew Rudisail responded to the call late Monday night.

Crime Victim’s Bill of Rights Pamphlets were issued by the officer.

“If you have been the victim of or witness to a crime on campus, we will do everything within our ability to solve this crime and apprehend the offender,” Rudisail said.

An e-mail was sent out later by Michael Schmidt, Associate Professor of Arts, informing students of what safety precautions to take in the future.

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