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Obama won: Give Peace a Chance

You have got to appreciate irony; from the Nobel Peace Prize results causing great controversy to people arguing over something that they really don’t care about.

It’s as if we are just puppets on a string and a two-year-old is pulling on them.

Be honest with yourselves, Blazers. How many of you actually care about the Nobel Peace Prize Award? It must either be a small group of you or none at all, because President Obama’s nomination was revealed in February and I didn’t hear anyone complaining back then. Even the high majority of people in the country didn’t know about Obama’s nomination because, deep down, the Nobel awards don’t really mean a lot to us. If anyone else would have won the Nobel Peace Prize we probably wouldn’t have even heard about it.

So then why are we arguing about this? If I had to pick only one reason: it’s because we can.

If you loved or hated Obama before he was announced the winner, then your side was already decided. The anti-Obama group hates the fact that he won because it’s another victory for Obama and shows that the world loves him more than our previous president. I know that saying it’s a “Thanks for not voting McCain” award sounds ridiculous, but there really isn’t any explanation to prove otherwise.

The committee said that they chose Obama for “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” The key word in that sentence is “effort,” because even the Nobel committee knows that he hasn’t done it yet. They might think he’s going to get around to real soon but, at the rate he is currently going, I highly doubt it.

I can’t help but feel that this year’s result was just a popularity contest on a global scale. Even the Nobel committee mentioned that Obama has captured the world’s attention, but why should that be rewarded over those who actually did something. Did Nicolas Sarkozy, president of France, deserve the award for his peace efforts during the Russia-Georgia conflict and the Middle East? Didn’t the Austrian children’s charity, SOS-Kinderdorf International, need the one million dollar prize more than the President of a country? Out of 205 nominations, was President Obama really the right choice? In my opinion, he wasn’t.

However, it just so happens that he did win and it’s a result that can’t be contested. It’s best to let it be and return to our usual, petty arguments; like arguing over whether or not the President squeezes his toothpaste from the middle or how he prefers dogs over cats.

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