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Marketing, Business and Management jobs available

Attention all soon-to-be graduates and those who have already obtained a degree. There are a number of full-time jobs available this week that require degrees in a variety of majors.�
 If you are preparing for that last stretch of test finals and papers before you walk across that stage in December, take a look as some of these jobs may need to be on your to-do list.
 Astella’s Pharma, Inc. is seeking a Professional Representative in the Albany/Valdosta area. Expectations of the candidate include a bachelor’s degree, communication skills, some experience with business-to-business sales, and facilitation and presentation skills. Marketing and Business majors are encouraged to apply. If you possess these skills and want to start off in the business world, you should apply.
 For those of you interested in marketing in the medical field, you should apply for the position as a Biological Product Specialist in Albany, Ga. The job requires a degree in Biology, Business or any other related field, as well as two years’ experience in business or business sales. The employer also looks for strong writing skills and the ability to work in teams. If you feel you’re the candidate for this position, you should apply.
 So maybe you’d rather offer
people jobs and manage rather than constantly look for them. If
this is the case, you should apply
as a Human Resources Manager in Waycross, Ga. BE Smith Associates is looking to fill this full-time position and would like a qualified candidate with skills in customer service and management-level hospital experience.
 An entry-level full-time position is available in Macon, Ga. You will work in a Supervisor Leadership Program 12 to 18 months earning comprehensive skills in sales and customer service claims on auto damage. If hired, you will also receive mentoring from senior-level managers, train other upcoming associates and work on necessary projects in the field. The position will pay $37,000 a year.  �
 Alright future grads, if any of these interest you, be sure to visit Career Services, located on the second floor of Powell Hall West to apply for any of these jobs. If you want to review other jobs available, visit their website at http://www.valdosta.edu/career/
 Remember, it always gets harder at the end, but hang in there; that diploma is definitely worth all the hard work.

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