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Flood in Hopper Hall

Hopper hall residents flooded out the building due to a fire alarm that went off Sunday Jan. 10.�
What seemed like another fire drill was a suprising flood of water on the third and fourth floor.�
According to VSUPD, the flood was triggered due to a fourth floor HVAC pipe bursting.
The water began to leak down the fourth floor hallway before action was taken to stop the flood from moving further down the hall.
Most residents on the fourth floor stopped the water from entering their personal suites by putting a towel in front of their door.
“I was actually asleep when the water first started coming in my room,” Martika Alexander, sophomore dental hygiene major, said. “The RA knocked on the door and that was all, no one tried to help. The water flooded so much into my bathroom that the floor is now uneven and we had to throw our rugs that were on the floor away.” �
The problem in Hopper really began to escalate when sitting water on the fourth floor began to sink down to the second and third floor.�
“I heard water drops coming through my AC,” Robert Kelley, sophomore exercise physiology major, said.  “When I saw the water falling through the ceiling I was filled with laughter but, somewhat sympathetic for the people whose room was completely flooded,” Kelley, said.�
“The water just seeped through the closet and I looked to see where it was coming from and couldn’t find a source. I had no clue a pipe was broken” says Davionne Eversley, a Sophomore Art major who lives on the second floor.
For many students coming back to school that Sunday, seeing the water in their bedroom was not a happy sight.
Hopper Hall, which was built majorly in the summer of 2008, is still under two years old.
The buildings structure that is mostly sheetrock, has encountered many problems since its ground breaking. However, nothing as serious as this has occurred.
According to some Hopper Hall residents, some of the thirdfloor rooms were moved to various places on campus while maintenance workers began to work diligently to fix this issue.
Walking through the halls of the third and fourth floor, you can still currently see that there are giant fans still drying the water damage and current reconstruction is in progress for certain rooms on the third floor.

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