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Start off this semester right, make some resolutions

 A brand new year calls for some new resolutions, right? Everyone wants to improve some area of their life so as students why don’t we make some resolutions to jump start the spring semester? These newfound changes don’t have to be mind blowing or add another level of stress to our busy lives. Instead, a few simple tweaks here and there can make for a surprisingly pleasant fifteen weeks.
 First, we should all pledge to actually print a copy of our syllabi to keep in our notebook. Why is this necessary when BlazeVIEW and teacher’s websites allow you instantly access syllabi and other information with the click of a mouse? The reason is that having a hard copy with you while sitting in class or studying at the library takes away the uncertainty of not knowing what is due or what is expected of you as a student.
 The next way to start the semester off on the right foot is to buy your books no later than the second week of class. Many of our exams, projects, and papers will fall back on some kind of required reading. It may be possible to slide through a semester with no textbooks, but it sure makes things a lot easier in the long run when you bite the bullet and purchase those books.
 Our third resolution is to attend class. That may sound silly since we are in college, but sleeping in can seem pretty tempting when it’s time to wake up for our early morning classes. There is an attendance policy for a reason and going to class and paying attention will greatly increase our chances of succeeding in the course which leads me to our fourth resolution.
 Keep in mind that everyone will have one of “those days” throughout the semester. If nothing is going your way and what you really need some alone time to get it together, don’t hesitate to grab a coffee from Starbucks and relax instead of attending your afternoon class. Push the feelings of guilt and anxiety away because you wouldn’t have been worth much during class anyway. Just make sure “those days” don’t happen too frequently.
 Our fifth and final resolution for the new semester is to make the most of your time and keep stress to a minimum. College is an experience you will never get back, and we here at The Spectator wish you a happy spring semester!

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