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The interview: your salvation conversation

According to the U.S. Bureau for Labor Statistics, the United States unemployment rate reached 10.4 percent in February. Not the ideal economic condition for our future alumni. Just a college degree might not be enough to score you a good job these days.
Doing well in the interview, however, couldn’t hurt your chances.
The interview is more important than most people realize. A recent survey by CareerRookie.com shows that many job seekers are sabotaging themselves during their interviews. The mistakes candidates have been making range from not dressing appropriately and filing their fingernails to running out of the room to catch his dog that was loose in the parking lot. While this might not say much for common sense in this country, it means that you have chance to stand out against your competition.
The first step in getting the job is looking the part. Out of the 2,700 hiring managers that took part in the survey, 57 percent said that the most common mistake made by candidates was dressing inappropriately. An interview is all about making first impressions and your state of dress serves as your initial strike. Employers don’t want to see flip flops, shorts, unusual piercings, or a shirt that reveals your stance on “Fat Chicks.” Guys, suit up or, at least, find a nice shirt and a pair of dress pants. As for the ladies, remember that this is a job interview, not the line to a night club. Unless your chest has an ability to produce revenue that doesn’t violate company policy, you might want to keep it covered. Many employers have been to their fair share of sexual harassment seminars and you don’t want to present yourself as a potential lawsuit waiting to happen.
Going to a job interview means that you are allowing a stranger to judge everything about you, from your appearance to your personality. Needless to say, the experience can be quite nerve-racking. Be confident without appearing arrogant. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Employers don’t expect you to know everything and asking questions make you appear attentive and honest, not dumb. With that being said, don’t admit you’re bad with people if you are applying for a position that deals with customers. It’s one thing to not know how to file a specific report; it’s another if you don’t get along well with others. They can train you on the former, but the latter is your problem
It’s important to show that you are interested in actually getting the job. However, you have to keep your interest professional, not personal.Before the interview, research the field and the business you are going into. Knowledge never fails to impress, especially if it’s an employer who is used to candidates being completely oblivious to current events. Remember to keep sob stories to yourself. Employers aren’t looking to give someone a handout. They want someone who can do the job. The fact that you are struggling to pay off student loans or feed your three children is irrelevant.
Also, for the sake of your potential future, turn off your cell phone, put it away, and leave it there. Getting the job should be your only priority during the interview. Getting a job is hard enough without Lady Gaga or some other random noise ruining it for you. Disconnect yourself.
Even if you do everything right, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the job. If this becomes the case for you, stay positive and be persistent. Times are tough, but it won’t get better with complaining. Keep at it and you’ll eventually get a job that is worthy of that degree you worked so hard for.

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