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Government of convenience

All forms of government are meant to be scrutinized. Whether big or small, federal or state, a government only acts right when the public, or an elusive Komodo dragon, is watching its every move.
So let’s scrutinize away at our government of convenience, the SGA.
To be honest, I haven’t been paying much attention to the SGA this year. I lost interest around the time they were clothes shopping, going on retreats, and yelling at each other. So imagine my surprise when I went into meeting room #1 in the new Student Union, only to find them yelling at each other while wearing some sharp looking SGA shirts. Apparently, new clothes and a vacation isn’t enough to get everybody on the same team
Now, I don’t have a problem with senators arguing. It’s scientifically proven to be in their nature. My problem is when their arguments get in the way of business. The Spectator reported three weeks ago that the SGA lost quorum because Senator Holloman got fed up and left the room. When I attended the meeting on Monday, just about ever policy they were discussing was met with some form of argument. This is apparently the norm, with Vice President Chris Nish pounding away with his gavel reminding everyone about Robert’s Rule of Order. For those of you who don’t know, senators included, Robert’s Rule of Order is a rule of thumb on how to hold a fair and orderly meeting. However, these rules appear to fly out the window, along with the executive board’s patience, when everyone tries to add their two cents to the topic at hand.
Senators, you don’t have time for that nonsense. I know most of you can barely stand a meeting that lasts an hour. Not everyone can argue the same facts over and over again, especially when the Big Bang Theory comes on at 9:30pm.
Another issue I have is with senator Prencke who wanted to increase the new “No Show” fee for the Student Healthcare Center to $25. I don’t know the students who you might be talking to, there’s a general understanding that students do not want to pay MORE than they have to. We have enough prices rising on us, both on campus and off.
You’re job isn’t to try and teach us a lesson through fees. In fact, you’re expected to stand against such increases, which the other senators made obviously clear when they voted not to even bring the fee to a vote. A mistake shouldn’t cost you a tank a gas.
Also, we all ready pay $120 every semester to have access to the healthcare center. The $10 is more than fair.
And last, but not least:
I never want to hear “There’s nothing we can do” from anyone in the SGA ever again, especially from the president. I don’t care if the Faculty Senate passed the “5W” policy. You are the SGA. If our own nation’s congress can fight a bill that has all ready been made a law, then you can contend with the Faculty Senate. If enough students get upset about this, then you owe it to the student body to flood the Faculty Senate’s inbox until they agree to make some changes.
Of course, that’s IF the student body calls for that action. After all, Blazers, a democracy isn’t made of senators alone. The SGA can’t read your mind. So if you are upset about the new 5W policy or the new “No Show” fee, then contact a member of the SGA and get them to fight these policies on your behalf.
This is not an April Fools joke. Get to writing/calling/texting right now.

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  1. Please tell me all the grammatical errors in this article are April Fool’s jokes.

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