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Jesse and Tiger are sounding the same, Kate G. leaves the star dancing game

Well Blazers, after a small hiatus, Pop Addict is back, and it has been such a juicy time in Hollywood!
In case you’ve been living under a rock, Sandra Bullock and Jesse James are officially splitting due to his affairs with numerous women, but most notably Michelle “Bombshell” McGee. According to Fox News, the main thing that kept Bullock from filing the divorce was Jesse’s children. She felt they deserved stability because she knew they would be hurt no matter what. This just proves her to be the sweetheart she’s always been, and it allows Jesse James to join the ranks of scumbags like Tiger Woods. As far as Miss “Bombshell” goes, well, we all know you can’t make a whore into a housewife.
For you “Dancing With the Stars” fans, this week for Kate wasn’t so great. Apparently she hasn’t been doing well on the show for some time, but America’s vote couldn’t save her and partner Tony Dovolani.
Anti-smoking activists are blowing smoke over Kelly Clarkson’s tour stop in Jakarta, which was sponsored by L.A. Lights, an Indonesian cigarette company. Activists encouraged her to cancel the show after these promotions surfaced, saying that it would set a bad example for her young fans. However, she refused to cancel the tour stop, saying she didn’t want to disappoint her fans.
Taylor Swift has already graced the photography world with all kinds of snapshots, and even the animated world on “Band Hero.” But now, she’s found her way into the world of comics. The 32-page comic book entitled “Fame” by Bluewater Comics will be released in July. Who knows what this chick will do next.
Heather Locklear surely made some new friends after her 4 a.m. arrest for a hit-and-run near her California home. Debris found on a knocked-over “No Parking” sign matched that of her BMW. A resident noticed the sign after hearing the crash. No details of why the hit-and-run occurred have been released; however, she has a court date set for May 17.
That’s the latest buzz from Hollywood, I’ll be sure to catch you up next week on more celebrity gossip.

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