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Stress not considered

 Being in college is one of the most stressful times in a young person’s life. We are thrown in a new environment surrounded by new people without the comfort of our home and parents. In addition to such a drastic change we also have to deal with a completely new style of teaching.  You no longer have to raise your hand to use the restroom. No one will call your parents if you decide to skip class, but all this new found freedom comes at a cost.
 Professors do not ask, nor do they care if you have work in other classes. Some of them do not believe in giving students second chances or a little leeway unless there is an extreme case. I think it is ridiculous that it takes the death of a close relative to get an extension on a paper. Professors are trying to prepare us for the “real” world, but they don’t understand we have the same demands from each of our other professors.
 This does not mean teachers should expect any less than the best from students. I just ask teachers to be a little more lenient. Sometimes, teachers assign papers which they do not even have time to grade. We have several obligations as students; we try our best to fulfill them all, but sometimes it gets to be too much.
 I believe the real point of college is missed by all the unreasonable papers and impossible comprehensive tests. The point of college is to teach us something that we can share with the world.  
 No matter what we choose as our major we should be able to take a great deal of knowledge away from school when we go into the “real” world. Students are so stressed over just getting an assignment done they do not absorb the material effectively.
 It is overwhelming to a student when they have to read 30 or 40 pages of a difficult text while they have a four-page paper due in another class. Whatever that student read is completely lost if he or she is even able to complete the story. If professors spent more time on the material instead of concentrating on constant individual daily assignments, then students would retain more information, and benefit from it more after graduation.

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