Constitution week a success at VSU

 Constitution week kicked off with Professor Kenneth Janda as the key note speaker. Dr. Janda expressed the importance of the Constitution.   �
 Dr. Janda showed interest in VSU because of the history department’s frequent use of a textbook Dr. Janda co-authored, “The Challenge of Democracy.”
 Dr. Janda also voiced his opinions about the proposed changes of the 14th Amendment. “Few western countries are substantial to the birthrate,” Dr. Janda said. “Illegal immigrants add to our birthrate. This will be the next generation of our work force. We should think really carefully before we think about changing anything.”
 The student debates began on Monday; students from the history and political science department addressed the possible changes of the 14th Amendment.  The history team was in favor of changing the definition of citizenship in the Amendment, while the political science team argued to keep it the same.
 The topic of debate seemed unclear to the debaters forcing faculty members to join in the debate who began arguing amongst themselves.
 The final debate on Wednesday discussed Campaign Financing: Citizen United vs. The Federal Election Commission.
 Citizen United created a movie about Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
 The College Democrats agreed with a  ruling that a movie about Clinton shouldn’t be released to the public  while the College Republicans  believed the movie should.
  There was a large student turn out, and a high amount of participation. “I really thought the debate was interesting,” Kaleb Tesfamrion, junior marketing major, said.  “It gave me a new view of the constitution, and more specifically the 14th amendment.”
 Students are looking forward to next year’s celebration of Constitution Week.
 “The debate was a wonderful attempt at debating constitutional issues and it fit perfectly with Constitution week,” Adrenias Hooks, political science major, said.

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