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Faculty senate discusses advising and new policies

 The Faculty Senate discussed changes to advising week, and considered a proposal from the Athletics Committee regarding a university-wide policy on makeup assignments at its meeting on Sept. 16.
 The Senate also discussed VSU’s Strategic Plan for 2011-12 through 2015-16.
 The proposal from the Athletics Committee about a university- wide policy on makeup assignments had been remanded to the Educational Policies Committee in May.
 Faculty Senator from the College of Education, Chuck Conner expressed to the senate that the proposal isn’t just for athletes, but for students who are in organizations as well.
 “It is left to the discretion of the professor,” Conner said.
 Students and faculty see this proposal as something that will potentially create a bigger problem than a solution.
  “It’s unfair for athletes/student organizations to be able to make up class because it’s not accessible to everyone. Some organizations are based on race, gender and social groups,” Chris Benyard, sophomore business management major, said.     “Some are even paid for, which means that everyone may not be able to afford the cost to join.”
 Ruben Brooks, a junior nursing major, agreed.
  “I think some people would abuse this power only because people would join random groups and tell the teacher that they have to go to a meeting,” he said.
  Dr. Moch also expressed concern about the policy.
 “You’re looking at special interests now,” she said.  “Students know the assignments are coming because it’s on their syllabi.”
 The proposal was sent to the standing committee and the Senate will find out more information about the proposal in its next meeting in November.
 Advising week vs. advising month
Old business was then addressed including a proposal that was presented to the Education and Policies Committee in November 2009, from Dr. Richard Carter, regarding whether VSU should return to an official “advising week” before registration or “advising month” where designated advisors can advise students in a month-long fashion.
The decision to have an advising week or an advising month is left up to the departments.
 While some students believe that an advising week is fine, others find an advising month beneficial.
“With advising I think having it a month long will be beneficial because in some programs, like nursing; it’s a group advising and each student isn’t getting the time they deserve,” sophomore nursing major Marcella Graham said. “Some of the classes listed on the advising sheet are not necessary and if the adviser does not express, it can set you behind.” 
Other business
Chairperson and VSU President Dr. Patrick Schloss opened the meeting announcing to senators and visitors to identify themselves before speaking on an issue to improve record keeping.
  Vice Chair Person and Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Phillip Gunter presented to the Senate the VSU’s Strategic Planning Process for 2011-12 through 2015-16 draft for discussion.
  In the presentation, Dr. Gunter explained how VSU’s plan is prepared five years in advance so faculty can add input and committees and sub-committees can be planned before the plan is submitted to the University System of Georgia. After USG reviews the plan, adjustments will be made to complete the plan.
 After Dr. Gunter’s presentation, Dr. Moch talked to senate about the requirements of attending senate meetings.
 According to the bylaws of Faculty Senate, senators must attend seven Senate meetings in the 2010-11 academic year.
New Executive Secretary
Dr. Peggy Moch led the Senate’s first meeting of the semester as the new Executive Secretary.
“Christine is a hard act to follow,”  Dr. Moch said. Philosophy and Faculty adviser, Dr. Christine James was the Executive Secretary in 2008 to 2009.
Dr. Moch’s new position is familiar to her.  In 2006, Dr. Moch worked with Kappa Delta Pi, an International Honor Society in Education, helping to create the society’s Constitution.
  When conducting the meetings, Dr. Moch has to have all material prepared to be in the agenda two weeks prior to the actual meeting.
 “It helps the meetings go smoothly,” Dr. Moch said.
 The meeting lasted exactly an hour, even with the discussions of Dr. Gunter’s presentation and the discussion between members about the university- wide proposal on make up assignments.

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