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Lil Munney takes rhymes across South

 By day, Marlowe Munn is a senior mass media major with an emphasis in audio. On stage, he calls himself “Lil Munney.”
 In high school, friends called him “Munney” because of his last name, Munn. He said that the “lil” part came from him being a junior.
 Munn calls himself a “versatile rapper.” Though he claims that his individual style really doesn’t compare to anyone else’s, he did mention that people compare his style to Lil Wayne’s.
 Munn began rapping in 1999 when he was in the 8th grade. He started out free styling with friends and at school, but didn’t begin rapping seriously until two years later.
 Though Munn is currently unsigned, he has released six mix tapes to date independently. The most recent, entitled ‘The Best Kept Secret’ was released in July.
Munn performs locally and in other locations throughout the South, including Florida and Texas.
 He has also opened for Trina, a Miami-based rapper, at Club La Vela in Panama City
 “[Opening for Trina] was unbelievable,” Munn said. “The largest club in the country, La Vela, was packed out, I got treated like royalty, and it was so much fun.”
 Munn uses other local talent on his tracks. One song, ‘I Know She Know,’ features VSU singers Tipp Mitchell and Samuel.
 Local radio station Lyxx 96 and even Atlanta powerhouse station Hot 107.9 have played Munn’s single, ‘Smash & Dash,’ on air.
 Munn writes all his music and produces most of his beats himself.
 “I rap because I like to express myself,” Munn said. “People say I wear my heart on my sleeves and they’re right. I take all my emotions, good and bad, and make music with them.”

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