Chefs get fancy with Ramen Noodles

 Thursday night, Blazer Dining held their Ramen Noodle Challenge: Battle of the Chefs in Palms Dining Center.   The event was part of Blazer Dining’s monthly promotional  “Game On” series.
  “The Game On series are monthly events that we put together for students to enjoy themselves and get involved with food,” Jenna Maroney, Marketing Director for Blazer Dining said.
 There were four teams involved in the contest. The wiing team was Bringing Mexi back which included  Marc Kaiser, Steve Cary, and Austin McDonald. Each team was given one hour to create a dish of their choice, but each dish had to include Ramen Noodles. The first team, who created the Bringing Mexi Back menu, had three small dishes that consisted of: the appetizer Ramen Taco Salad, the main course Chicken Enchilada, and the dessert Mexican Kugel.
 “The Mexican Kugel was actually my mom’s recipe minus the noodles,” McDonald, junior, business marketing major said.
 At the end of the hour, each team served a dish to the seven judges composed of members of VSU’s faculty, staff, and students.  Each team was judged on a 5-point scale by creativity, presentation and “brownie” points. �
 The taste factor, which was important to the cooking contest, was graded on a 10-point scale.
 “I gave the winning team a lot of ‘brownie’ points because of their little training shorts,” Shawnaa Burton, senior, political science major said, “I also liked the Mexican Kugel dish.”
 The winning team believed they won because of their preparation prior to the contest by finding the right combination between noodles and a creative yet great tasting recipe.
 “We practiced a few days ago to help us out with the recipes,” Cary, senior, journalism major said.
 The overall event was seemingly successful to Maroney. “I think the event was pretty successful,” she said, “It’s a great opportunity for students to get involved with cooking at Palms.”

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