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Students plan big for excess financial aid

Students who sold their soul for loans this semester are expecting excess checks in the mail Feb. 1.

With amounts ranging from a couple hundred to a few thousand dollars, deciding what to do with the money is the biggest challenge.

While being responsible with the money is the most reputable, the check also allows students to finally buy what their hearts desire—luxury or necessity.

Students like Eric Bentley, sophomore music major, are hoping to put their money towards entertainment.

“I’m buying a drum kit and some stuff for my music,” he said.

Bentley has been in and out of Rutland’s, a music store on Bemiss Road, weighing one drum kit against another with a list of all the equipment his dream kit requires. He hopes to begin piecing it together soon.

Others have even bigger plans.

“I’m spending the money on my rent and a car,” Latrece Lyons, sophomore early childhood education major, said. “I should have enough leftover to save, too.”

Ivey Sumner, freshman English major, has similar plans for her refund.

“I’m going to use my money on rent and bills and then save the rest for gas and food,” she said.

Money is definitely a requirement for students to make it through the semester whether they live on or off campus.

The financial aid excess checks are just another helpful push in the opposite direction of broke.

Whatever plans each student may have, one thing is for certain, Feb. 1 is going to be an exciting day on campus and a busy day for the mailroom.

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