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Letter to the Editor: SAVE says Biomass spells bad news for Valdosta and VSU

How many of y’all have heard of the Biomass Plant that has been proposed for Valdosta?  Many of ya’ll probably don’t know what Biomass is; I know I didn’t until about two years ago when this project first started. The Biomass plant is an incinerator that will burn sewage, sludge and tree “debris” in order to create energy. What’s the big deal, right?

 The pollutants from this plant will create major health problems such as asthma starting in young children and elderly people. Not only is asthma a problem but anyone who already has asthma and/or respiratory diseases/issues will be greatly impacted by this power plant.

  Notice how the young and old are impacted first because their immune systems are generally weaker. Well, this plant is in a predominantly black neighborhood on the Southside of Valdosta right down the street from two elementary schools, a middle school, and an elderly care center.

 So, why should you care? How many of you will be here in two years? Three years? For the next four years? How many of you have siblings that want to go to VSU? How many of you like playing outside? How many of you play sports? How many of you enjoy watching VSU football? All of this will be dramatically affected by this Biomass Plant. Who would want to come to a school where they can’t play outside because the air quality is compromised?
 What can you do to STOP this BioMESS? Power in numbers and we, the students, have the right to fight for our clean air! Tell President Schloss that VSU needs clean air for its students! Join the fight and help Students Against Violating the Environment save the quality of Valdosta air!
Erin Hurley
SAVE President

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