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Environment matters

 The Student Health Center is conveniently placed near campus so students get access any time they may need to. Many students make a trip to the Student Health Center every week for many different reasons. Some students go for checkups, and others go for minor concerns. Some students however, take a trip to the health center in order to receive medication. 

 It is no mystery that college can be a very stressful and overwhelming experience. It is easy to become consumed by work and hours of studying. Not being able to manage one’s time in class and home is a main factor in college depression. Students may also become depressed because of living arrangements, student relationships, failing grades, and many other factors. There is medication available for students who seem to have anxiety or depression caused by the strenuous college life. Although, this is a great resource to have, it may not be very effective in every case.

 I believe the medication is only half of the process. The medication that a student takes may be designed for a certain purpose, but it may only work as good as the situation the student is in allows it to. Taking medication for depression will have a great effect on a student’s life if they remove themselves from the negative situation. When they surround themselves by positive people and things, the medication seemingly has help from the environment; however, if a student returns to an environment that was the cause of the depression itself, it may be more difficult for the mind to adjust to the reaction of the medications, while readjusting to the stressful situation.

It’s kind of like a batch of apples. You notice that the apples are becoming soft and spoiled and you see one that has yet to be affected. You pick the apple up, clean it, and place it in another bad batch. The apple is eventually going to suffer the same fate as the others and start to turn bad. Although you cleaned the apple, you placed it back in a dirty situation. This is how students and people in general react to certain situations.

In my opinion, medication does help somewhat but I feel as if the person has to put forth the effort also. I am a believer in the placebo effect so I think the mind can give the medication that extra boost. A person’s mind must also be in a good place to help with the process.

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