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Where’d all the lights go?

Much of VSU was lights out on Wednesday after a traffic accident occurred nearby, resulting in a several hour long power outage.

According to a report from the president’s office, a female VSU student drove her vehicle into a power pole in front of the Shell gas station on Baytree Road around 12:15 p.m., knocking out complete power throughout the quad area of the school and beyond.

Students on campus filed out of buildings as air conditioners ceased to function and the inside temperatures rose to stifling and unbearable levels.

“It got so hot in the library that I finally just took my stuff and went outside,” junior business major from Rome, Vanessa Meyers, said.  “It felt better outside than it did inside during the loss of power.”

Campus dining halls were all but shut down as the loss of power caused the preparation of food and the cleaning of dishes to come to a halt.

“I went into Palms Dining Center to eat and all of the hot lines were out of service,” junior early childhood major from Snellville, Gabrielle Stone, said.  “It was so hot and stuffy in there that I did not want to eat there anyway.”

Some students were lucky enough to get an afternoon class cancelled due to the severe indoor heat.

“My afternoon class in West Hall was cancelled,” freshman chemistry major from Ashburn, Stacey Ratcliff, said.  “I guess that was something good that came out of it.”

Repair workers worked frivolously to fix the damage.

Power was restored within about an hour and a half of the accident.

“I understand that it was an accident and no one could do anything about it,” sophomore nursing major from Marietta, Ashley Pendleton, said.  “I am just grateful that the repair crews were able to get things fixed so students did not have to spend a terribly hot night in their dorms.”

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