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Cover band gets little support

The vast majority of VSU’s student body missed out on one of the most epic performances to ever grace the campus last Monday in the university center.

Tampa, Fla. natives ‘Higher Ground,’ a cover band of the largely popular ‘Red Hot Chillipeppers,’ absolutely rocked the north end of the university center for two solid hours in front of a crowd of a whopping four people. The turnout for the show was so lousy that the band started jokingly applauding for themselves after each song and would often engage in direct conversations with people in the crowd.

This was not just some local band that plays weekend gigs at a Remerton bar. This band travels throughout the entire country, regularly playing in front of thousands of people in much larger venues than the 80 person capacity university theatre.

The embarrassing turnout, however, did not deter the absolutely sick aggression and power that the band poured into the ears of the few, but very obviously pleased spectators. They carried on as if they were playing for masses and gave the four spectators a wildly hot performance.

Gelling together as a screaming, yet quite professional rock group, the band featured the larger than life bass player Leo Magnelli, the shredding sensation guitarist Sean Price, a literally insane lead singing monster Rick Argo and CJ on the drums holding it all down with his rock solid tempo.

The lights and sound technician John Price added an even more professional and dynamic dimension to the show with his brilliant light show and eerie smoke effects throughout the entire performance.

The minute turnout seems like a result of poor publicizing by the Campus Activities Board, but also severe lack of attention that students pay to the many free, on-campus activities.

Also to blame was surely a last minute change in the show’s venue from the rather large Student Union ballroom to the considerably smaller theater in the UC.

Surely, the band would have lured in far more head-bangers had the event been more widely-advertised on campus and many more people would have had the opportunity to bask in the incredible sound that exploded from the UC theater.

Hopefully, this deplorable lack of student representation and the insane performance that so many people missed will serve as motivation for students to take notice of upcoming events like these and for VSU to be more efficient in its advertising of such pinnacle events.

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