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Paranormal Activity 3 brings closure to previous installments

After watching the first Paranormal Activity, I vowed never again. But when the highly anticipated thriller, Paranormal Activity 3 premiered Oct. 21, I sat down to observe what all the commotion and excitement was about.

All of the comments and thoughts about Paranormal Activity 3 were fair, if not great, which made me rethink my judgment on viewing the sequel.

Throughout the movie I sat in suspense, waiting on the horror to send me jumping out of my seat, but I soon realized the events in the previews weren’t even in the movie itself.

If you have not seen the first two movies, you would not have noticed the significant meaning the beginning of the movie held, or realized it had a connection to the rest of the events taken place.

Like the first two movies, the film started off slow. The real suspense started only after the cameras were placed around the house. After about a quarter of the movie had already played, this is when the paranormal activities start to appear and the parents’ disbelief disappears.

The paranormal activities themselves ranged from very funny—the pulling of the little girl’s hair—to dreadful—“Toby” walking around under a bed sheet. Strangely enough, the parents weren’t around for the majority of the events happening to their daughters.

If you have seen the previous movies, the continuation of unexplainable events and the buildup to an explanation of why things happened was suspenseful enough. The explanation itself, however, was presented in such a scarce manner that no one would know what was going on until the movie ended.

Although the movie was hard to follow, the ending presented a surprise twist that I believe no one would have expected.

If a person could follow the story from the beginning, and interpret the different signs the husband was presenting in order to realize what or who caused the situation to occur, I believe the movie is enjoyable. However, with what little details the husband did present, the movie itself was just a big guessing game.

On a scale of 1 to 5, I would rate the movie a 3. The movie itself had an enormous amount of suspense and the explanation of why everything started was brilliant. However, the movie could have been executed in a better way, in terms of having more events happening in a timely manner and presenting more details to the story as a whole.

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