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Office of Social Equity and Access brings disability awareness to VSU

The Office of Social Equity and Access at VSU paid tribute to people with disabilities by displaying their Disability History Exhibit in Palms Dining Hall from Jan. 27 to Jan. 30 and the University Center from Jan. 25 to Jan 26.

VSU has held events bringing awareness to disabilities, but this is the first Display Exhibit that has been brought to campus.

The Exhibit was a 22 page collage showing 3,000 years of history dealing with people’s disabilities and the different attitudes towards them.

“People have dealt with disabilities for thousands of years, and I’m sure we will deal with them for thousands more so we have to be more understanding and compassionate,” said Selenseia Holmes, Secretary of the Office of Social Equity. “ Don’t automatically discard the unfamiliar.”

Holmes wanted to bring a positive outlook to campus with the issue.

“Hopefully the exhibit also showed people that it is okay if we are different as long as we are not treated differently,” she said. “ That is what makes us a part of this wonderfully diverse human race.”

Feedback from students was positive. Richland Minter, a freshman musical theater major really enjoyed the exhibit’s message.

“ The exhibit was pretty cool,” he said. “Those people were put through things I really can’t even image.”

Freshmen business major BreAnn Salas also felt the exhibits were heartwarming.

“It was sad looking at the struggles people endured just because they were different, and really couldn’t help it,” she said.

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