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PeoplePoll: How important is voting in the primary to you?

“Voting in the primary election is extremely important because whoever wins the outcome of the vote has the power to impact my life and my future.”
Reuben Brooks
exercise physiology major

“I don’t feel like there should be a switch in the presidencies, I say that I vote for Obama still so that he could finish what he started. He has done a lot for the people and I say he should stay in the presidency.”
Saxon Seigler
mass media major

“I think it’s a rat race but overall I still vote for Obama as president.”
Tina Chandler
history major

“The young people that don’t vote could have a major impact.”
Kaleb Tesfamarian
economics major

“I feel like if you are voting for the Democrats, it wouldn’t be as important to vote. Someone who is strictly for the Republicans, it would be important for them to vote.”
Marcel Smith
biology major

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