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Valentine’s Day at VSU brings plenty of events for everyone

Love is in the air and cupid has struck again. This week there have been many more couples on campus than any other period in the semester before.

The last few days leading up to Valentine’s Day, there were few places on campus that were not infested with couples and signs of this day approaching.

They have taken over the library, the union, the front lawn and West Hall. There were flyers everywhere promoting bake sales, CAB events, and other Valentine’s Day activities. With all the love spreading on campus, the question remained, “Were there enough Valentine’s Day events on campus?”

Along with that, was there an alternative available to the non-public displays of affection couples or the singles sick of watching them strut all over campus?

There were more than enough events on campus promoting Valentine’s Day.

The International Club, Black Student League, Alpha Phi Omega, and campus activity board all pitched in to spread the love all across the campus by hosting special sales, selling roses and setting up events.

The International Club also added a great twist by hosting speed dating for singles to also enjoy and participate. The events were well advertised via email from Student Activities and spread by word of mouth or flyers all throughout campus.

I participated in one CAB event–Valentine’s dog tag event. Also at the CAB Valentine’s Day dog tag event were Makeda Bryce and her boyfriend, Daquan Sims, who came as a couple.

Bryce had heard about the dog tag event through word of mouth from other students, and it became a gift from her boyfriend.

The event involved students getting their picture taken, with the option of buying a necklace emblazoned with the picture as a keepsake of the event.

Freshman Nia Ward said that as a freshman with no car and few options to escape, the events on campus were convenient for her and her boyfriend. She said that the events were unique and provided them with experiences they would never forget. Like many of her fellow students, she took advantage of all the bake sales that VSU had to offer this week, which made a great Valentine’s Day gift for her boyfriend.

The bake sales also provided a neutral, and affordable, alternative for the singles who wanted to celebrate the day of love solo. Most snacks were a little more than a few dollars, and The Loop provided students with a fancier selection of chocolate-covered strawberries for students who wanted to indulge.

Valentine’s Day may have become more of a chance for couples to splurge on each other, but it can still be an event to celebrate love in general. Not all love involves romance or couples holding hands.

It’s great that students are finding the events on campus useful to their college experience. Everyone is not in love or into Valentine’s Day, so there were just enough events promote the day of love.

The campus could use a lot less of the posturing PDA during Valentine’s Day, though. There are ways of showing love, like going to the events with a significant other, that do not involve the gross factor for the people around the canoodling couples.

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