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I am a Blazer, hear me roar!

It must be pretty hard to teach school spirit. I checked the course catalog, and the subject wasn’t an option.
The majority of our student body could use a crash course. If only it was available. 

   People who proudly sport their red & black attire aren’t the ones who need the lesson.

   We’re talking to those who go to VSU sporting events wearing their favorite SEC team logos.

   We’re calling out the students who have been enrolled at this school for years and still haven’t attended one VSU related event.

   The community support of Valdosta is pretty strong, but the university acting as the nucleus is sadly declining in school spirit.

   Students continue to promote the trend to not get involved with campus activities and focus on things like planning weekends to drive home, or figuring out who’s throwing a party..

   It’s quite ironic how the  most involved students are the same ones who show the most loyalty to the  VSU community.

   We applaud these students because they would rather cheer for their school than for a keg stand.

   Don’t get us wrong; we love to have a good time.

   Aside from that, we do believe that celebration should come after accomplishment, not just for fun.

   The nonchalant attitude in many students together shows not only in classrooms but at sporting events as well.

   For example, the Lady Blazer softball team is arguably the best team in the country right now, yet the attendance at home games on average barely pass 200.

   Does that sound like Blazer pride to you?

   The sports teams that do well continue to be overlooked.

This spreads to clubs and organizations who continue to desperately ask for help yet there are so many who don’t give it.

   Staff and faculty are accountable too for this spiritless inclination, but a change starts with the students.

   Ladies and gentlemen, if we don’t make an effort to change our demeanor, it will keep this lackluster label on VSU instead of moving closer to having more employers satisfied with where our degree comes from.

Sure VSU isn’t as big or “cool” as some Division 1 schools, but the mix of tradition and potential should be more than enough to change crumby attitudes about this place.

   The university will benefit noticeably as soon as school spirit increases, not only through athletics, but more importantly in the classroom.

   We’re not asking you to be a cheerleader, but be somewhat proud to call yourself a Blazer.

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