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SGA bids farewell at final meeting of semester

While Monday night’s SGA meeting, the last of the year and of the Davis/Powers administration, was dominated by goodbyes and wishes of luck on final exams, the Association still kept their eye on business.

The business side of the meeting was highlighted by a distribution of funds to the construction of a cover for the bus stop at the Patterson St. Loop, as well as the approval of a dress code regulation that would be up to the discretion of individual professors, which will go up for a vote during this week’s elections.

The dress regulation, however, sparked controversy, and Senator Ryan Baerwalde spoke to the Spectator as to why the regulation was passed.

“Essentially, one of the biggest reasons we wanted this passed is because it has been kind of tough to get all the opinions of the entire student body,” Baerwalde said. “We’ve tried, but it hasn’t really worked too well, so putting it to a vote before the entire student body who votes to voice their opinion, that’s a big reason why it passed through the senate, so students could vote on it, rather than it being up to 50 people to decide.”

The dress regulations would give professors the right to remove students due to what they would believe to be distasteful or distracting, which one senator felt to be subjective.

In addition, the Student Government also approved a cover for the bus stop on the loop on Patterson Street, which will protect those waiting for a bus from the elements.

“It was brought to my attention by one of the bus drivers that we need some type of protection over that bus stop, because students have to wait there, and I’m one of them,” said Senator Courtney Sumpter. “They have to deal with the sun, or the heat, or the rain, or any type of inclement weather.”

Also, the SGA provided a unanimous vote against a proposal provided by a professor, whose name was withheld, which would outlaw banners being tied from trees. The vote was done by the raising of hands.

However, the members of the SGA didn’t forget that this was indeed the last meeting of the semester. Many committees, who all have time during the meeting to provide reports as to what was going on within the groups, said goodbye to the Association, and wished everyone best of luck on final exams.

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