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News channels are biased, unbiased

There’s no secret that Fox News and MSNBC have taken strong political stances, which has led to the two networks becoming news rivals and political safe havens for key political figures.

Fox News has long been considered the spokesperson for Republican ideas due to the network’s strong and carefully designed news presentation that purposely appeals to the conservative base.

Not to be outdone by their counterpart, MSNBC has jumped on ship to creating news that specifically appeal to liberals– leaving CNN to be the lone wolf of the big three  in presenting fair and accurate news.

Unfortunately for CNN, viewers tend to like big personality that they can side with like Hannity and Maddow instead of shows that are anchored by journalists who will challenge their beliefs.

And even though I see nothing wrong with the two networks stances, the real problem arrives when both networks deny that their news presentation is biased, leaving their viewers to think that they are actually receiving fair and balanced news.

This type of bias denial is dangerous to many of Americans who are unknowingly receiving skewed news, and many of the networks viewers refuse to believe that they are being misled.

The two network’s biased coverage has shown up time and time again through the spin they have throw on certain news stories. This was seen through the network’s coverage of the Trayvon Martin story, the Occupy Wall street movement and the Romney’s 47% gaffe.

During the Trayvon Martin story Fox news barley covered the core of the story and when they did they found a way to put the blame on Trayvon. But unlike Fox, MSNBC covered the story in depth but they convicted Zimmerman as a network– which was just as wrong.

If you are one those loyal diehard fans of either network who still refuse to believe that your network of choice is not biased, just look at the line up of news presenters for these two networks.

Fox has a show entitled the “The Five” which has four right leaning commentators and one left leaning commentator, not to mention a lineup that once or still includes Fox and Friends, The Red Eye, Hannity, Beck, O’Reilly and Hucakbee.

MSNBC has done the same by having a lineup that includes commentators such as Matthews, Maddow, Sharpton, O’Donnell, and Schultz who are all left leaning commentators.

What both of these networks are lacking is a lineup of journalists who will challenge politicians and present news stories in the fairest and balanced way as possible. People are more comfortable arguing talking points instead of talking about  the core problems of actual news stories.

It is clear that Fox news and MSNBC are not going anywhere anytime soon, so I think it is important that the networks take responsibility, put aside their biases and realize that they can be passionate and aggressive and still present news in a fair and balanced way.

And if the networks refuse to take that route, they can at least be up front and tell their viewers that they are being fed biased news stories.

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  1. I typically bounce between news networks to get different points of view on many different news cycles. I am bewildered that after hearing about the Clinton Foundations involvement with tit for tat relationship with donors there was no mention of it on CNN at the beginning of the shows tonight. While this may have been missed by CNN, government cover up sugar coating of ISIS events seemed to have been missed by CNN too. Its all being overshadowed by character badgering of Trump, which while funny at times is not news that affects me like government officials covering up or swindling the public. I can’t rely on Fox for my only news, but it looks like I have to at least start there before going to places like the BBC. CNN and MSNBC should please get back to focusing on news headlines and get away from politician bashing.

  2. Both those channels are jokes. MSNBC cried like little babies when every other Network had Obama losing the first Debate, but I’m sure FOX would have the same behavior if Romney was labeled as the loser of the Debate. This Country is screwed, can either Democrat or Republican Candidates really get us out of this mess at all? Maybe a third party Candidate isn’t such a bad thing, ashame they don’t let the 3rd parties join the Debate. Why is America still kissing Putin’s corrupt butt?(Republicans and Democrats show this Dictator too much respect.)

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