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Students use sheet signs for campus advertising

If you see three sheets in the wind, don’t worry, it’s not about drinking—it’s about advertising.

Many students are looking for efficient and creative ways to advertise their organizations, events and even conduct personal business.

Most organizations often revert to using sheet-signs. Student looking to hang sheet signs are required to bring them to the Student Life office in the Student Union.

Once it is approved, a member on staff will give a designated ‘put up’ and ‘take down’ date.

Students are encouraged to be aware of both dates as late ‘take downs’ can be subject to disciplinary action.

Trisha Taylor, administrative secretary, encourages students to use sheet signs as a means for campus communication.

“We actually provide a work room that students can use for free to make sheet signs,” she said. “We have a projector in the work room so if you have a computer file, you can project it to the sheet and outline it. It’ll make the job much easier.”

Though popular, sheet signs are not the only form of communication on campus available.

There are countless numbers of bulletin boards on campus open for flyers and other personal requests.

As long as students receive permission from the department in which the bulletin board is located, students can put up flyers that have nothing to do with the department.

Also, TV monitor screen ads in the Student Union can be a very useful tool for spreading information.

Taylor suggests students to check if the ad appears fine on the screen before advertising.

According to Taylor, advertising privileges are reserved solely for VSU students.

“All of the advertisements on campus must be provided by students,” Taylor said. “Non VSU people are not supposed to advertise on campus.”

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