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VPD investigating shotgun incident

Written by Will Lewis


The investigation continues into an alleged attempted robbery and the shotgun blast that followed, according to the Valdosta police.

Late Sunday evening, VSU student Don Beard claimed that he opened his door to the barrel of a gun with the robber behind it.

He said that roommates ended the episode with a blast from his shotgun. The would-be-thief then fled the scene in an SUV.

An incident report released by the Valdosta Police Department said that Officer Thomas Newton responded, at approximately 7:35 p.m., to a “report of suspicious activity where a gun was discharged.”

Griffin Driskell, senior marketing major, phoned the police, while attending a fraternity meeting next door, after he heard the shots.

“We heard a gunshot go off and several of our [Tau Kappa Epsilon brothers] thought that it was a car crash.” Driskell said. “So they decided to run outside and see what was going on […]

“They walked outside and smelled the gunpowder and they looked up to the top floor and the guy had a shotgun in his hands, they heard him load another in the chamber.”

According to Jon Loudermilk, junior TKE brother, the police responded to the scene enforce, drawing their weapons before approaching the property.

Griffin Driskell recounted the panic he felt when he heard the shots. “I thought somebody was in our parking lot with a gun.”

The residents of the apartment where the incident occurred declined to comment, when contacted Wednesday evening.

Detectives were dispatched to the scene the next day to comb over the scene. “As far as I know there wasn’t any evidence found at the scene.” Lt. Leslie Manahan, bureau of investigative services.

James Dosier, freshman, did not hear the shots Sunday night. He learned about the incident Monday morning when he saw reporters interviewing residents in front of the apartment.

“The only thing that really happens in our front buildings is, sometimes, you will hear a crash in the road up there because someone doesn’t see the bus stopping, but this is the first I have really heard of shots being fired.” he said.

Lt. Manahan confirmed that no one was physically injured in the incident.

According to the police report, this incident was not drug related.

Anyone with information related to this case is encouraged to contact the VPD at 293-3145 or call the anonymous tip line at 293-3091.


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