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‘Insatiable Serwa’ shines off campus

Written by Dowling Payne


Talented, smart, determined, confident and caring– these are all words that describe Serwa Collins. Collins is a 28- year-old mass media major with dreams of making it big in the entertainment industry as a TV show host and personality.

Collins is not your typical student. While she can be found doing lots of work in the mass media department, she is even more involved off campus.

Over the past few years Collins has been successful as a plus size model. She has appeared in two shows and two magazines. In addition to print work, she also spends a lot of her time finding local vocal artists in Valdosta to help promote. While interviewing the artist, she also showcases her host potential. She loves being able to meet new people, finding out about them and being able to help them with their careers in the process.

Black Crow Media is also home to a lot of Collins’ work. There she is an on-air talent intern where she has her own show on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. where she takes on the name of “Insatiable Serwa.” Her show is geared toward promoting a positive attitude and to reinforcing optimism to her listeners.

Collins ends every show with a positive piece of advice to leave her listeners on a happy note.

“Anything negative can happen, but you can pull positive out of that if you have a positive mind,” she said.

When she isn’t diving head first into media, Collins is coordinating blood drives for the American Red Cross or planning the next “Drea Day,” a cancer awareness event in honor of her cousin that passed. She first began donating blood on her own, but realized she loved the thought of helping so many people.

So far she has sponsored six blood drives and gets more and more participants every time.

In the future, Collins sees herself doing something amazing in the entertainment industry. Her dream job is working for BET or even starting an acting career. Her celebrity idol is Oprah, someone who proved to the world that you can make it from the bottom to the top.

She also looks up to two of her mass media professors, Mike Savoie and Frank Barnas, who always have the door open for their students and are willing to help.

Collins’ friends also see the light and joyful spirit of her personality on a daily basis.

“She has a loving spirit and lights up a room, she is so optimistic about life,” Daphne Wright, Collin’s friend and neighbor, said.

It is clear to see after spending only a few minutes with Collins that she has such a loving heart and radiates optimism.

“I get discouraged for a minute, but I just get back up,” Collins said.

Collins wishes that everyone on campus dream big and never doubt themselves. She hopes that students realize that there is so much more than just the university, and possibilities are endless.  She accomplishes her goals by going after them full force and having no regrets.

“Pray, study, and network are the three most important things to keep in mind.” Collins said.

Serwa Collins is certainly a name to look out for in the very near future.

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  1. I am so honored and thankful for this writeup!! Special thanks to Amanda Usher and Dowling [Payne] for this feature!! I am wishing you ladies nothing but ABUNDANT BLESSINGS in your personal lives and career!!!!

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