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Taylor’s Take: Top fashion choices for spring 2013

Written by Taylor Stone


Top 4 “it list” for spring 2013!

1. Black & White

When you think of spring you probably think of dainty fabrics and Easter pastels, right? For this season black and white is hotter than ever. It’s a unique look, but also classic enough for everyday wear. Try a bold stripe or a crisp short suit and you’ll fit right in this spring!

2. Ethnic Prints

Channel your inner globe trotter this spring because loud ethnic prints are HUGE this year! Traveling the world may not be possible, but you can certainly look like you’ve been jet setting! We’ve been seeing beautiful tribal prints all over the runway for spring mixed with stripes and plaid.

3. Leather

Hang on to those leather pieces from fall and winter, they aren’t going anywhere! What’s hot this year is “warm-leather” which adds leather to classic spring silhouettes for a sweet and daring look! Is leather a little harsh for you? Try adding some dainty accessories to calm the look down.

4. Beading

Everybody loves a little embellishment and beading is everywhere this season. Whether it’s subtle around a neckline, or covering your entire ensemble, you can’t go wrong with a little extra oomph added to your favorite pieces!

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