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Kiss Friday classes goodbye

Written by Sports Editor Eric Jackson.


Maybe it’s time to kiss Friday classes goodbye.

If this proposed idea is made into a reality, it’s safe to say that there will be mixed emotions.

There are many factors in consideration when thinking about this pending proposal, and for some this news won’t leave them happy.

Consider upcoming seniors with more hours left than a tight schedule could accommodate. For those who find graduating on time important, we doubt they’d want this change to happen.

Or maybe you are that upcoming sophomore who has already planned for next semester to somehow avoid a fifth work day like the plague.

It just depends.

Depending on your major, not having Friday classes may not even be fathomable.

This is why before any decision can be made, more research should be done regarding how this potentially affects curriculum, department scheduling, students and faculty.

However, if the wrinkles can be ironed out, we at the Spectator, along with a majority of students, wouldn’t mind saying good riddance.

First of all, everyone knows that during registration Friday classes are generally the last to be picked up, proving that students ideally don’t want to be on campus an extra day if not necessary.

This might hold true for faculty too–what professor would rather spend the day teaching than have an extra day to plan and prepare?

Secondly, nationwide, faculty members share the frustration of low attendance from students in Friday classes. Students would rather spend that day doing other productive things, traveling home or just catching up on sleep.

Less face-to-face time with professors is certainly more preferable, but the work-load should remain the same.

The Southern University of Baton Rouge, La., along with several other schools around the country, has already taken to the four day schedule.

“A three-day weekend is much more energizing,” Demetrius Sumner, SU student government president, said. “If it proves to be a cost saving, then it’s a double whammy.”

It’s safe to say, that if Friday classes were to end, many will take advantage of more time for family, work, and extracurricular activities.

Regardless of what’s decided, the decision should be well-researched and consider student input, since it ultimately affects us in the long run.

It’s time for VSU to pucker up.


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  1. But wouldn’t they need to extend the school year to compensate? That would be bad for those of us who have to go back home over the summer and get paid enough for 3 months to be able to return the following year. While I would personally like this to happen, I have had Friday classes every semester, and it is not that bad. I just think that the students are lazy for skipping, with some exceptions.

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