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Letter to the Editor: Guns on campus?

Letter to the Editor


Recently the Georgia House of Representatives passed HB 512 which (should the Senate agree) would make it legal for everyone with a permit to carry concealed guns on campus. Now hunting and gun ownership may be as American as apple pie, but so is gun control and icons like Wyatt Earp, the legendary Wild West figure who enforced Dodge City’s ban on gun-carrying within town limits. There are good reasons why USG Chancellor Huckaby unequivocally stated on March 4 that all 31 University Presidents (including their campus security chiefs and counselors) are opposed to HB 512. Not one gun-related crime has been committed on our campus since I joined the faculty in the Fall of 2000, yet some are trying to take advantage of a tragedy at an elementary school to advance their agenda? Can you spell C-R-A-Z-Y?


I don’t know about you, but I wholeheartedly support the Board of Regents, the Chancellor of the University System of Georgia, and our very own President Dr. McKinney in their March 12 statement which reads: “We are deeply concerned about proposed legislation in the Georgia General Assembly that would permit firearms on our campuses – in our classrooms, student centers, and our academic and administrative buildings. We firmly believe the current law promotes a safe learning environment for out students and working environment for our faculty and staff. Our unanimous recommendation is to retain the law in its current form….”


So here is an idea for a belated 50th birthday present for Dr. McKinney. Google “Georgians tell the state no on HB 512” and sign the petition at SignOn.org.


Michael G. Noll

associate professor of geography

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  1. If Wyatt Earp is going to be held up as a paragon of law enforcement virtue, it should also be noted that he was arrested for stealing horses but fled the jurisdiction prior to trial. He was convicted of cavorting with prostitutes. He was fired from a peace officer position in Wichita, Kansas, for beating a man over how the man intended to vote in an upcoming election (how very American of him). He was later convicted of at least one other crime of violence, and he was also suspected of several murders.

    By all means, let’s hold the actions of this man up as an example of how to conduct business. Surely a man who routinely simply pistol whipped people was concerned with the constitutionality of his actions.

    Also, the letter contains a distinct factual error. It refers “concealed guns” on campus. Georgia does not issue a “concealed carry permit”. Georgia issues the Georgia Weapons Carry License. It covers more than firearms. Also, the GWCL does not mandate concealed carry. A person with a GWCL may openly carry a firearm or other weapon carried by the license.

    J. Lee Weems, Chief Deputy
    Oconee County Sheriff’s Office
    VSU Class of 1998

  2. Gale Thomas Eger

    Thank you, Dr. Noll for your comments on this frightening legislation. The Spectator should also be congratulated for helping to inform the public and the VSU family in particular. It has been a source of frustration for me that the most of the people with whom I speak in the community, have no idea that this is even an issue. Once again, thank God for Dr. Noll, groups such as Valdosta Women’s Voices, and this publication for spreading the opinions of leaders in the University System who see the wholesale spreading of concealed weapons as something which is of no benefit to the faculties or the students. Thank you for the opportunity to comment.
    Gale Thomas Eger

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