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Students engage McKinney at barbecue

Written by Brian Hickey


Wednesday in honor of VSU president Dr. McKinney’s inauguration, students and alumni were invited to a barbecue.

Scheduled to take place on Reames practice field, it was moved to the P.E. complex due to inclement weather.

The rain was unable to spurn students from attending.

VSU’s catering provided food and beverages as students sat alongside the president and his first lady while bands competing for “Battle of the Bands” performed.

“It was great to meet our president,” Britney McCrae, junior business major, said. “It shows that he is truly committed to the advancement of our education and relationship with him.”

Students were also thoroughly impressed by the Dr. McKinney’s ability to appeal to the students.

“The fact that he was willing to host a barbecue instead of a formal dinner shows that our president is willing to go to lengths to meet students on an even, more comfortable field,” William Spooney, former VSU student, said.

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