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Korean classes offered for fall

Written by Jennifer Gleason


Students can expand their knowledge of foreign languages further during fall semester with the addition of Korean language courses.

The Center for International Programs, in conjunction with Modern and Classical Languages, has offered Japanese, Russian, Arabic and Chinese for years, and they are available again for registration in the fall.

With over 100 Korean exchange students at VSU, CIP is giving students an opportunity to better understand the culture and language of their fellow Korean classmates.

“We’re hoping the newly offered Korean language will be popular with VSU students,” Irina McClellan, assistant director of study abroad for CIP, said.

McClellan said that because international exchange students come a long way from home to learn American culture and become fluent in the English language, VSU students should take the time to learn about exchange students’ culture and language.

“You could learn something new about your friends and maybe learn some phrases in their language,” McClellan said.

ROTC students take Arabic so when they are sent to Arabic-speaking countries they have the upper-hand, according to McClellan.

The classes are smaller than the typical French or Spanish classes– sometimes no more than 10 people.

“It’s like having a personal tutor, because of the close attention,” McClellan said. “Most of the teachers are native speakers.”

CIP works to bring students into the department and expose students to the languages offered in MCL; the department also works with the Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant program to recruit instructors for language courses.

The full list of languages taught through MCL and CIP for fall are as follows: Arabic 1001, Arabic 2001, Arabic 2002, Chinese 1002, Chinese 2001, Japanese 1001, Japanese 2001, Korean 1, Russian 1001, Russian 1002, Russian 2001 and Russian 2002.

Currently, 15 students are enrolled in Arabic 1001, 12 students are enrolled in Korean 1, 10 students are enrolled in Russian 1001 and several students are enrolled for the Chinese sections. Japanese 1001 is full.

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