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Life in PR: The first week as an intern

When I first received the Media Intern position at the Valdosta-Lowndes County Chamber of Commerce, I was excited to be constantly surrounded by business professionals and an environment that only breeds success. Until I started…

As a classically trained journalist, I found out the media interns do a substantial amount of public relations work.

No two letters in the English alphabet do I hate more other than P and R. It is the antithesis of my training and goes against every fiber of my being to smile and be a “Yes Man.”

My first week was filled with getting to know the people I know and also a welcome surprise that Thursday.

A breakfast was scheduled to honor Senator Tim Golden and Lt. Governor Casey Cagle for their contribution and efforts in order for House Bill 138 or the Invest Georgia Fund to be passed.

The Invest Georgia Fund is a $100-million investment fund that will provide small business with strong business plans, venture capital funds to start their company and keep them based in Ga.

I took photos and also video recorded the event and loved every moment. This event took my photography skills to an entirely new level because of the precision and care I took with every photo.

Capturing the event was a crowning event for me professionally as a journalist, but on the public relations side, I saw and experienced the hands on nature of what the Chamber and public relations actually does.

Coordinating this event took weeks of planning on the part of Varian Brown, Director of Economic Development at the Chamber of Commerce and I enjoyed helping his vision come to fruition.

All of the business professionals and lawmakers for the city of Valdosta networked with up and coming entrepreneurs and myself.

It was a pleasure getting to know so many people including Sen. Golden and Lt. Gov. Cagle for myself.

I have to admit, may be in a future lifetime, P.R. could be the thing for me.

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