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West Hall construction continues

Written by John Preer


Reconstruction on the West Hall roof and dome began in July, but the work is for cosmetic reasons.

The iconic dome that rests atop West Hall has been a symbol of VSU since its inception.

As part of the yearly maintenance that Facilities Planning oversees, sections of the roof are being replaced.

Ladders and temporary construction fencing can be seen from the Front Lawn as work has been underway for over a month.

The West Hall roof replacement is “a general maintenance repair project,” Robert Tindall, associate director of Facilities Planning, said.

The entire roof is not being replaced. Only repairs to the flat roof areas, dome roof deck, and cupola are being made.

Funding for the project came from the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia.

VSU is awarded yearly general obligation bond funds by the state of Georgia to cover campus maintenance.

The contract for the job was awarded to Lowndes Roofing of Valdosta who publicly bid for the contract.

The bid was for the relatively low amount of $184,339, and completion for the project is anticipated for October of this year.

The expected date might be pushed back due to inclement weather conditions.

Since there has been no major damage that would affect the structural integrity of the building some students see the construction as a poor allocation of funds.

“The construction on the dome and roof is a waste of money,” Kaylee Martin, senior general studies major, said. “That money could be used for scholarships.”

Austin Bixler, freshman finance major, said, “I believe they should use the funds to improve student housing conditions in Patterson, Brown and Lowndes Halls. They really need it.”

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