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Allow minds to create

by David Lacy


Recently, Jared Bernstein wrote an article for the Huffington Post asking the question of whether or not the government was stifling the innovation of the people of America.

This was inspired by an article that was written by Robert Shiller in the New York Times. The article is about Capitalism and the role it plays in innovation and it speaks the truth. The best way for true innovation to happen is for the government to step back and let those who have the minds create.

According to Shiller’s article, there is a troubling trend in many countries, including the United States. It’s called corporatism, where the government and large interest groups control a major part of a country’s economy.

This is unfortunately becoming true in the U.S. There are so many things that large interest groups and the government have a hold on, that it stifles the creativity of people who if given the chance, may be able to perform amazing things.

There are hundreds of documentaries that discuss this. Their common message is that large interest groups and the government make it almost impossible for small businesses to make it.

Look at the electric car, for example. It was a great idea that had backing, but because of the U.S. government and interest groups that had a lot of stake in the oil companies, the electric car died.

I don’t think that government should be a major factor in innovation, and a trend that I have noticed recently is that many people are starting their own Kickstarter.

These are fundraisers that raise money for people who have an idea and don’t want to deal for corporations or people who could sabotage the project.

This is done by asking the people that want to buy the product to donate so they can make their product without having to go to a company or producer.

Kickstarter is still a new concept and for as many people that succeed, ten more fail, but this is good that people essentially buy into something that they want to see happen and if there are enough backers the project will succeed, and if it doesn’t, the backers get their money back.

So do we really want the government to have its hands in everything that we do? No way. There is a lot of creativity in this country. Just look on the internet. People have some crazy ideas but there is no reason that they can’t work if they have the right backing.

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