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Intramural Flag Football in swing

Written by: Lia Armistead and Steven Quinn

Imleagues is back in full swing this year.

If you are interested in team sports in a well-organized, and managed athletic league then joining Imleagues of Valdosta State University is your route.

Registration has closed for these sports, but people can still join teams through the free agency.
“Go to Imleague.com sign up and make your profile, and you can sign up and register yourself as a free agent so that teams can see that you are available,”  William McCranie, Valdosta State University Imleagues Team Leader, said.
Free agency also gives players the ability to show what they have to offer.

“In the description column say you ran a four-forty or you have some impressive stats you can write it in your profile,” McCranie said.
Joining a team as a free agent will close Oct. 13 which is the end of the regular season.
“We want more participation, we want as many people to come, and experience it,” McCranie said. “We have gotten scoreboards, our fields are looking real nice, we have gotten new equipment, and just for those who didn’t know we now provide balls for games.”
With the State Flag Football Tournament toward the end of the semester, each intramural flag football team and their players will do their best throughout the season, eager to come out on top.

On Saturday, Oct. 12, each squad of determined players gets a chance to demonstrate what they are made of at the Show Me the Money Tournament, taking place here in Valdosta.

This tournament consists of the first eight teams that sign up to compete, with the winners having a chance to enter in the State Flag Football Tournament, taking place later in the season.
After playing in the State Tournament, teams will hopefully move on to the all campus tournament, in which the best teams of all leagues play against each other to determine the final champions of the entire season.
With the upcoming Show Me the Money Tournament, teams are practicing and working together, in high hopes of winning the event.

Intramural sports have been a common way for students to meet new people, stay fit, and participate in enjoyable and popular athletics.

Flag Football is one of the biggest intramural sports, with a large number of participates. Altogether, there are seven leagues, divided into teams and divisions; CoRec, Fraternity, Men’s Competitive, Men’s Recreational, Residence Hall, Sorority, and Women’s.

Each of these leagues contains numerous amounts of competitors, ranging from six to eighteen teams in each, with up to sixteen players on the team.    These leagues compete in many tournaments throughout the weeks of the semester, with high hopes of winning and knocking out all competitors.

It costs twenty dollars for a team to register. We have men’s, women’s, and co-rec leagues available. �
Imleagues can also work with your team in order to reschedule one of your games.
“If for any reason your teams has a confliction, and you’re not going to have enough players, go to Imleagues.com, then go to sports description, and fill out the reschedule form which the staff will work with you on rescheduling your game for necessary purposes,” McCranie said.
If you have any questions on imleague information contact imsports@valdosta.edu, and information updated daily on Facebook, VSU Imsports, and Twitter handle @vsuimsports.

This article was written by Lia Armistead and Steven Quinn.

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