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Valve to release Steam Box

Written by: Steven Setser

Welcome back, fellow readers. Have you replaced Pandora with iTunes Radio yet? Me neither. Anyways, let’s see what Valve has been working on and find out when you can play the Xbox One before its release.

Valve had some major announcements after its initial SteamOS reveal. It will also be making the rumored Steam Box, a video game system that runs on SteamOS and plays Steam games. They also revealed the very odd-looking controller; imagine if the PS4 controller, Xbox One controller and PS Vita had a baby. It has a touch panel, four triggers, four face buttons and two touch pads to replace thumb sticks. The Steam Box will release sometime in 2014, but you could be one of the lucky 300 people to become a beta tester. Just go onto Steam’s website to find out how.

Virgin Mobile has teased that it will be getting the iPhone 5C as well as the iPhone 5S soon.

Microsoft announced that starting on Oct. 9 your apps will no longer be limited to just five devices. The cap will be increased to 81 devices!

Microsoft also announced the Xbox One Fitness App. This will come exclusively to Xbox One and will have you train with well-known fitness trainers like Jillian Michaels and Tony Horton. It will track your progress while you work out to videos like Insanity or P90X. You will need an Xbox Gold account, and the app will be free until December 2014. After that, it will be subscription-based. Xbox Fitness will release on the same day as Xbox One: Nov. 22.

While we are talking about the Xbox One, how would you like to play it before it releases? Microsoft announced the Xbox One Demo Tour. The Xbox One will come to 25 states, two of which are Georgia and Florida. The Xbox One will be in Atlanta Oct. 24-27 and will return Nov. 14-15. Also, it will be in Jacksonville, Fla. on Nov. 17.

Mozilla is working on something similar to Google’s Chromecast. Mozilla wants Firefox on your TV. They have not announced anything about the device though; just that it is being worked on as we speak.

BlackBerry is not looking good. They announced a loss of $1 billion due to poor sales of the BlackBerry Z10.  Let’s hope BlackBerry can “wow” us again sometime soon.

That’s it for this week. Check out next week when I review Rayman Legends for the Xbox 360! Will it be as good as my favorite 2011 game, Rayman Origins?

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