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RateMyProfessor continues to dominate registration

Written by: Brian Hickey

Students rely heavily on RateMyProfessor as they prepare for registration, and as long as students trust and appreciate its authenticity, it’ll be around for much longer.

According to RateMyProfessor, more than 4 million college students per month are taking advantage of the site.

VSU is no different.

“I really like it,” Justine Proctor, sophomore international business major, said. “It helps me determine which teachers I want to take and which class would best fit the type of professor that I need.”

“I find it extremely useful,” Kristopher Duncan, sophomore accounting major, said. “If the reviews are negative, I will do everything in my power to make sure I don’t take a course they are teaching.”

However, there are students who find that the website can sometimes be inaccurate at times.

“Not everybody leaves feedback for the professors,” Briana Brown, senior psychology major, said. “The same people use it all the time, so the opinions on the site are kind of biased, but it’s still helpful because a lot of teachers don’t change their teaching styles.”

Ratings are on a one-to-five scale, but the meanings vary as there are different categories such as easiness and textbook use. Students can even go more in depth and rate the importance of attendance, give the course number and the textbook used for the course.

RateMyProfessor even appeals to the raging hormones of college students, providing a hotness rating for professors which, unsurprisingly, gets used quite a bit.

With early registration going on these past two weeks, VSU students have surely been using the site to aid their class selection.

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