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New bill proposing medical marijuana

Georgia may be the next state to legalize medical marijuana.

Written by: LaMarcus Wilkerson

So far, there are twenty states plus the District of Colombia that have voted to allow the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. Senator Josh McKoon recently proposed a bill that legalizes medical marijuana in Georgia.

State Representative Allen Peake was approached by a constituent whose child has up to seventy seizures a day. He was touched by the story and believes that marijuana may help alleviate the pain of this adolescent and of children throughout Georgia who battle a similar condition.

Marijuana has been used to treat adults, teenagers, and even children who have seizures, epilepsy, autism, insomnia, leukemia, etc. Cannabis is considered somewhat of a “wonder drug” for various diseases.

“We should take the politics out of it and look at the science of it,” Peake said in a Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) interview.

The U.S. government hasn’t yet given scientists the necessary funding for the study of marijuana. However, scientific minds have taken the initiative to research marijuana, and studies show that a component in marijuana has a positive effect on various illnesses.

Although Peake supports the legalization of medical marijuana, he is concerned that if Georgia passes such a bill, fans of recreational marijuana may push for full legalization. As of now, there are two states− Colorado and Washington−that have legalized marijuana for recreational use.

For more information on the medical marijuana bill, visit Georgia’s legislation website:


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