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Tragedy should pull us together

Written by: Isaiah Smart

The safety of my peers is wavering and it makes me uneasy.

 In the recent years, students−my fellow fellow Blazers−have faded from our presence, and the mental stress is gaining momentum.

 With the car accident from the past week to the unfortunate loss of Marcus Holmes last semester as well as other students, things simply don’t seem right.

 Our peers, including Tajay Hoppines and Jasmine Benjamin, have given us great memories, and it is our responsibility to keep them alive by any means possible.

 Honestly, I’m concerned to this day about the stabber of Antoine Bray. What happened to that investigation?

 I encourage each reader to make an effort to care for the person next to you, whether they are friend or foe. We never know when it is our time, and these unexpected moments of departure have taken a heavy toll on many.

 I find it interesting that we seem to easily forget these tragedies. I don’t expect the campus to mourn forever, but I want us to remember these people in our daily lives.

 As we witness tragic deaths, I implore us as a university to band together as a family−not just for one moment, but forever.

 It is sad that only something like a tragedy can bring us together then allow us to easily slide back into our segregated corners of selfishness. Instead, we should be continuously bonding with those of diverse backgrounds; such actions will mold us into creatures of culture.

 This attitude of isolation isn’t limited to the university though; as a nation, we act this way. When a national disaster strikes, we love one another and are “in this together”; then a peak of sun shows, and we break apart as though nothing happened.

 What I am pushing for is an increased appreciation of your fellow human being on the most basic level. It is never too late to appreciate and respect someone, but the earlier the better.

 My condolences are extended to all of the families and friends that are dealing with or have dealt with the strain of human loss. I also hope that the student body can be presented with some answers about Mr. Bray’s unfortunate case.

Updates on the follow-up efforts involving the Elizabeth Lohmar case will surface soon as organizations have already reached out to Phi Mu Sorority and Lohmar’s family.

 Be blessed. Be great. Be safe.

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