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White gets dethroned in Sochi

Written by: Isaiah Smart

This week, television is running cold. 

Entranced fans of the cold-skin, death-walker infested show “The Walking Dead” were revitalized on Sunday for the mid-season premiere of its fourth season.

The zombie apocalypse continued on AMC at 10 p.m., wrenching viewers through a winding rollercoaster ride of disappointing decisions, victorious zombie beheadings and Carl’s character development.

Rick survived the prison standoff that featured the governor from the mid-season finale and led to this Sunday’s continuation.

Another gut-turning, thrill-seeking (half) season drags its dead foot forward.

On the chillier side of news, the Winter Olympics began in Sochi.

The iconic Olympic rings malfunctioned during the opening ceremony, and this could have been a sign for things to come.

Teams flaunted unique and classic fashion in the opening ceremonies. Canada wore mittens with their modern jackets while Germany dawned a four-colored winter coat with red accessories. The three participants from the Cayman Islands wore shorts and flip-flops, and the U.S. sported the “homemade sweater from grandma” look.

This year’s games feature 12 new events, the majority being added to the snowboarding and freestyle skiing categories. In total, male competitors will battle for 50 sets of medals, women will compete for 43 sets, and five events will be co-ed.

The competition and the weather are both heating up in Sochi. The Olympic hotspot has been around 60 degrees, which takes away from the overall feel of the winter games and limits some accessibility for competitors. Despite the high temperatures, events have yet to be cancelled.

As one of America’s favorite snowboarders, Shaun White failed to receive a medal in the men’s halfpipe competition, coming in a disappointing fourth. In terms of medal count, America trails behind Norway, Canada and the Netherlands, with nine medals total (five of which are bronze).

“Hot. Cool. Yours,” is the motto for this year’s winter games. Let’s see who heats up and owns the rest of the games.

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