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SGA talks privacy for emails

Written by: Joe Adgie

If the SGA has their way, the emails you receive from the Students Distribution List will shrink dramatically.

The organization passed a resolution during Monday night’s meeting that asks for changes to how the emails are handled.

“We all know that there’s an issue with the Student Distribution List, and we get a lot of things we shouldn’t be getting through it,” Senator Tamara Dunn, the resolution’s author, said. “We get a lot of things that should be going through the Activities Distribution List, and the students post a lot of reply all (emails) that we shouldn’t get at all.”

Dunn is referencing the occasional emails that come from students or former students asking to be removed from the distribution list. These students reply to the distribution list, which winds up sending the email to every student at VSU.

The resolution asks for five moderators of the listserv who would approve or deny messages and would automatically deny those “reply all” messages.

“The first point is to have somebody appointed email out to explain what the purposes of these lists are to the student body,” Dunn said. “This way people are sending emails to the proper place.”

Dunn stated that the student listserv should not be getting emails for upcoming events put on by student organizations.

Furthermore, since one of the proposed moderators would be from Student Life, he/she would be able to keep tabs on what organizations violate the new guidelines.

For these organizations, the resolution requests “progressive disciplinary action through the Office of Student Life,” but did not list specifics. Dunn suggested that their status as a student organization be revoked if they repeatedly violate the listserv usage guidelines.

Since Monday’s SGA meeting, only two emails have come through the student listserv: an email advertising this week’s Undergraduate Research Symposium, and one from V-State Dining looking for interns for their Team Marketing group.

33 senators voted in favor of the resolution, 3 voted against and 6−including Dunn −abstained from voting.

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  1. Thus, this policy initially should have affected student organizations and not departmental announcements. Good to know.

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