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Understanding depression

Written by: Jordan Hill 

Although Tumblr bans users who promote depression, self-harm or suicide, the users are still all over the site. While some users find sympathy and help from other users, the users sometimes encourage self-harm instead of deterring it.

Depression is a sickness that sometimes forces people to harm themselves by cutting their wrists or even committing suicide.

It may feel good to have others understand the pain you’re going through, but self-harm and suicide are not things that should be encouraged.

To support others while they battle an illness is completely different than giving suggestions as to how they should hurt themselves.

It is understandable that depressed individuals want someone to talk to and confide in. While that may provide hope to some, others see it as a “trigger.” A trigger makes a previous self-harmer want to start cutting all over again.

Depression is a disease that no one but the person going through it can understand. So what you may think is a harmless joke may be a trigger to those hearing it.

The common saying, “just go kill yourself” or “I’d rather kill myself” is not something that should be said. Jokes that encourage depression, self-harm or suicide are unacceptable.

Suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in America. This number can be lowered.

Rather than encouraging and romanticizing this problem, people should seek to put an end to it. Through the right treatment and support system, a positive solution can be found.

Depression and self-harm should not be glamorized. It needs to be understood, acknowledged, supported and hopefully done away with.

The Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255) is available at all times to help anyone experiencing depression or suicidal thoughts.

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