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Love overcomes hate

 By: Jordan Barela

Apparently, it only takes 30 seconds to offend a right-wing group.

Honey Maid, the classic graham cracker brand, recently released an ad that showcases how much the family dynamic has changed. The ad features a gay couple, an interracial couple, a single dad and a military family.

The ad is heartfelt and has a positive message, but of course, someone has to come along and bring negativity. That someone is One Million Moms.

Following the debut of the “This is Wholesome” ad, One Million Moms has claimed that it is “highly offended.” It claims to be offended by Nabisco’s, the brand that owns Honey Maid, “disrespect for millions of American families by supporting the homosexual agenda.”

One Million Moms is not the only group that had something negative to say. Online comments from Twitter and user comments from YouTube exemplify the negativity that One Million Moms first showed toward this heartwarming ad.

There is one thing that One Million Moms and the people who posted the negative comments fail to realize: the real American family.

An American family is not just a Caucasian mom and dad with a white picket fence and 2.5 children. Family is all about love. Love knows no gender, skin color or quantity of people.

Honey Maid responded to the hateful comments with love.

The graham cracker maker released a video that shows two artists spelling out the word “love” with the various negative comments printed on pieces of paper. Even though there were numerous negative comments, the two artists then outlined the word “love” with all the positive messages and comments.

The positive outweighed all the negative comments. When the two artists finished their work, a simple message appeared: “Only one thing really matters when it comes to family…” The last shot of the video showed the finished piece, a giant amalgamation of the word “love.”

For a group called One Million Moms, it is not very motherly.


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