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ATM relocation to start

By: Neil Frawley

The long awaited move of the ATM from the University Center to the Student Union has been in talks again, with the latest goal to have it ready by the start of classes in August.

“The ATM is going to move to the Union,” President William McKinney said. “My hope is that when you come back in August that the ATM is at the Union. It will be a Bank of America ATM, just like ATM is at UC now, but it will be in a secure location.”

McKinney and his staff aren’t yet sure about where the ATM will be placed, or whether it will be inside or outside of the union. But it should be a sign of good news to all students that the university is looking to improve some of its safety issues by relocating the ATM.

The students themselves should feel relieved knowing that they can conveniently get money without the concern of traveling far away to the isolated and, at most times, secluded location of the UC.

“I think the move for the ATM would be a good move to the Student Union,” Ian Kerstanski, a sophomore mass media major, said. “It’s a lot closer, and a lot more convenient, and people don’t have to drive all the way to the UC, where there’s not really a lot of parking spots.”

Zach Blake, a sophomore pre-nursing major, agrees that the ATM move is good for the university.

“I feel like if it was moved to the Student Union, I would definitely use it more often,” Blake said. “It would be more convenient to the university, and all the dorms and all the apartments around here. It would cut down on time (too). Right now, it’s kind of out there in the middle of nowhere, (but at the Student Union) it’s more open and there’s more people around.”

McKinney admitted jokingly that the ATM issue has been frustrating.

“One of the other things I learned from this process, it takes a lot longer to move an ATM,” McKinney said.

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