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New Equipment To End Overloaded Servers

Written By: Brittney Penland

Students trying to log on to campus computers last week may have experienced trouble due to the server being overloaded, but the university has purchased $1.2 million worth of equipment to fix the problems with the wireless network.


“At the time we were experiencing the overloaded server issue, 21,000 devices were trying to connect to the network at the same time,” Chief Information Officer Brian Haugabrook said. “On Sept. 28, we added a load balancer to fix the main issue with the overloaded server.”


Currently, the university is piloting new wireless Internet technology in Reade Hall.


“The new technology increases network speed and performance,” said Haugabrook. “If the technology works the way it should, we will expand the wireless network throughout the university.”


In October and November, the university is upgrading the wireless network in Converse Hall, Langdale Hall and four academic buildings. According to Haugabrook, the residence halls alone will cost the university $200,000.


Last semester, these residence halls experienced major Internet connection problems.


“The university is spending .5 million dollars to upgrade the network in the College of Education building. The building has more traffic [devices connecting to the network] than any other on the campus,” Haugabrook said.


Although VSU cannot shut down the network while classes are in session, the university plans to have most of the upgrades completed by January.





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